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Legalize It Or Not --We Win, In the End
So: Criminalize something most reasonable people want, and that they are morally entitled to have; that only the stupidest, vilest, most evil members of a given society choose to outlaw. Then, put its production in the hands of those with little or nothing to loose.

Who has the moral high ground then? Which side comes up with badass shit like this:

Mexican officials seize ‘narcotank’


Whose side do you want to be on? Which side is right and frankly, more American, in the purest, most ideological sense?

Go to any underground hardcore punk show this weekend. Or any skate park, in any major real American urban center. Notice how the majority of all the attendees over 35 are olde school tattooed peckerwoods, and everyone under 25 is niggaz/blatino/azn/etc.? It's not about the color of your skin; but rather, what you believe in that makes you an Outlaw, or in other words ... an American (in the purest, most original and ideological sense).

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