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Overheard: "Fuck the birth certificate. I'll take the death certificate!!"

* Hitler’s death was also announced on May 1.

* Amusing to watch the bitterness and wet blanketry on the various right wing blogs.

* Million-dollar compound with 18-ft walls, yet no telephone or internet services; also, residents burned their trash, instead of hauling it out to the curb like all their neighbors. These among other idiosyncrasies raised suspicions.

* Who will take his place as a figurehead? Wouldn’t be surprised if it was (someday, not immediately) Adam Gahan, aka Adam al-Amriki.

* Also wouldn’t be surprised if it was a Pakistani who fired the fatal shot. If it was, however, an American, safe to say this guy never buys a drink again in his.

* Biggest loser today is Trump.

* “Body will be treated in accordance with Muslim custom?? “ WTF? In the speech, it’s “he wasn’t a true Muslim,” but then he gets the full Muslim interment?

* I heard the news first on … yelp, of all places.

* Hiding out 90 miles from the capital of Pakistan? Come on, now. For how long??

* Need to tune in to Fox News to see who they're taking the news.

* Trying to find Pakistani news reports about this. Looks like Islamabad's paper of record went to press before the news was announced. But, it does contain this tantalizing blurb, in the bottom left corner on p. 1:

"ABBOTTABAD, May 1: A helicopter crashed on the PMA Kakul Road late on Sunday night.

According to TV reports, security personnel cordoned off the area after the incident and launched relief work."

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I'm struck by the youth of the celebrations here. Granted, there's a bias at who is up late on a Sunday, but the raucous pictures appear dominated by twenty-somethings. These were just kids when September 11th happened -- all their politically formative years have been during the "War on Terror". The calm/contemplative pictures I'm seeing are of the military, firefighters and a few of relatives of Sept. 11th victims. (Possibly editorial choice?)

Definitely some editorializing going on in the choice of crowd shots/reactions reported, though I think a big part of it was also that Geo. Washington U. is just around the way from the WH, so of course you had thousands of young people on the scene immediately.

We've sealed this guys fate as a martyr and a legend though, with the whole "proper burial" shit. Just like with Che's legend. And this guy is certain to be the Che Guevera of the developing world for generations to come.

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