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also, keep in mind you get what you pay for
So here's Holly's Beauty Salon, in the neighborhood sometimes known as Chinatown North (which is actually mostly Laotian and Vietnamese, but whatever).

I love the new advertisement, in vinyl press-on letters stuck to the door. What the fuck? When did these new names for various muff waxes arise? "Jives" and "Shambas" and "Chachachas?" Why, back in my day, you had bikini waxes and Brazilians and that was it; if you wanted a landing strip or something fancy, you just explained it to yr waxer, and they'd see what they could do. None of this fancy-frou frou namey shit. This is across the street from a strip of family restaurants, small grocery stores, etc., so I think it could lead to some interesting questions from the kids. The look on the model's face on the poster in the background just makes it.

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It's nice that you're thinking of the children.
And really, "childlike" should be a waxing option.

How about "fetus-like?" They say walk-ins welcome, so for around $236 (at the rates posted on the window), anyone off the street could walk in and come out of there completely, 100% denuded.

The comma placement makes me wonder if the extra $5 is for the Brazilian or for Anus (the latter being the one I would imagine should cost extra.)

The general understanding is that a Brazilian includes a starfish wax. So maybe a Shamba, which costs an extra five bucks, includes a Chachacha. But then, that just begs the question --who out there is going to Holly's just for a $25 asshole waxing, and leaving the rest of their thatch intact? Holly's accountant is privy to some great demographic statistics, for sure.

The thing is it would almost be ok except for the last one - "anus."

Everything else could easily be explained away.

All I want to know is how did they decide to name the asshole waxing the "Chachacha." I can imagine that this window advert came out of the best staff meeting ever.

If I had a tiny hidden video camera, I'd walk in there and do some investigative reportage.

"Vintage 70's Bush - FREE!"

If that kind of retro ever comes back, they'll probably start offering rug shampoos and dye jobs.

I'm pretty sure there are women out there with Manic Panic in their fuzz. I mean, we've got women talk about "vagazzling" right?

Best of all, this whole strip of shops is already home to some great Engrish advertisements, and then there's this place just thrown in there randomly among them.

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