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feels good
Dear Hollywood:

A couple weeks ago, I was supposed to bring home some stuff from Target, and Season One of Mad Men from the video store. Had never seen an episode, and was wondering what the fuss was about. At Target, I noticed that the DVD boxed set was on sale for only 20-some bucks, so I figured I'd just buy it and save a trip to the video store. It was cheap and convenient, so I bought it.

Loved the hell out of Mad Men. Watched every episode of Season One over the long weekend. Couldn't wait to see what happened next. So after work one night, I thought
I'd pick up Season Two on the way home. Was downtown, so I knew it'd be a gouge. 50-something bucks. But I was loving the show, and wanted to keep watching it, so I paid the inflated Loop price. Way overpriced, but a such a good product, it was worth it to be able to continue watching that night. It was expensive but convenient, so I bought it.

Season Two was every bit as good as Season One. Watched the episodes back-to-back. Aside from the Rose Bowl and one episode of HGTV, it's the only thing I've used a television for in 2010. Couldn't wait to see what happens next. I know the broadcast season just ended. Checked Hulu. Nothing. Checked the AMC site. Nothing. Checked amazon. Season Three comes out March 23. So I fucked around with torrents for a while. What a pain in the ass. Took me a few tries to find a working one, but I did, and a couple hours later I sat down with some leftover pizza and watched Episode One of Season Three (SE03E01 in torrent-speak).

I'm through with your games, Hollywood. You broadcast the entire third season on AMC --it's over. Been over for months. But you won't release the DVD until March 23. Come on now. I'm not playing your games anymore. You can't unilaterally dictate things like that going forward. My time's valuable. I want the entire season, now. And you're dragging your feet, for whatever reasons, and I don't have time for that. I would've paid basically any price you would've asked for it, if you'd made it reasonably available, but you've forced me to download a torrent instead.

You need to start being more responsive, Hollywood. You've lost a paying customer for Season Three, and I'm going to get to enjoy it anyhow. I will watch Season Four, rather communally, with the rest of America when it airs, but be mindful to make it available on on-demand. I don't alter my schedule to fit your broadcast times, so make sure I can select when I want to see it. If not, I'll just get if from the torrents.

Let this be a lesson to you, Hollywood. Run along now. Provide me some content worth considering paying for. Chop, chop.


myself & millions of others similarly situated

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A very apt analogy! I'm sitting here watching the blue bar get closer to 100%, waiting on my eps to finish downloading. As interminable as sitting by the phone, waiting for a lead on a possible connect to finally call.

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